Committee Of Management

Governance and Committee of Management

As a community-based and legally-constituted organisation Attwood House Community Centre is governed by a voluntary management committee comprising of elected members who live, work, or participate in the local community. The governing body is legally accountable to its membership base to endorse the strategic policy framework of the organisation, ensuring the financial viability of the legal entity, and ensuring compliance with all legislative, statutory and contractual duties, obligations and requirements.

This form of governance gives validity to the concept of a community –based organisation, responsive and accountable to the local community through its membership base, and the external bodies or authorities with whom it has formal working relationships or funding and service agreements. The governance model is developmental, with the governing body working cooperatively with staff, volunteers, house participants and the wider community, thus generating a range of community benefits.

At Attwood House the Committee of Management consists of five community elected Committee Executives. In order to be elected onto the Committee of Management the nominee must first be a member of Attwood House.

Acknowledgement: Cited from the Neighborhood House and Learning Centre Sector Framework’s description on governance.


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Membership/Committee Nominations:

Membership for Attwood House Community Centre only costs $5.50 per year and entitles members to discounted rates of house/venue hire as well has having a say and input into how your local neighbourhood house is run.